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Under Review

Cole, S.N., Markostamou, I., Watson, L. A., Barzykowski, K., Ergen, I., Taylor, A. & Öner, S. (under review). Spontaneous past and future thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic across 14 countries: Effects of individual and country-level COVID-19 impact indicators.

McClure, HC., & Cole, S. N. (under review). In and out of control : Spontaneous mental contrasting is only effective for personal goals unrelated to COVID-19.

McClure, HC., Arnold, M., & Cole, S. N. (under review). An Implicit Association Test (IAT) for Measuring Spatiotemporal Associations

In Press

Öner, S., Watson, L.A., Adıgüzel, Z. et al. (2022). Collective remembering and future forecasting during the COVID-19 pandemic: How the impact of COVID-19 affected the themes and phenomenology of global and national memories across 15 countries. Mem Cogn.


Cole, S.N., Tubbs, P.M.C. (2022). Predictors of obsessive–compulsive symptomology: mind wandering about the past and future. Psychological Research, 861518–1534.

Cole, S. N, Smith, D. M., Ragan, K, Suurmond, R. & Armitage, C. J. (2021). Synthesizing Effects of Mental Simulation on Behavior Change: Systematic Review and Multilevel Meta-Analysis. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 281514–1537, doi :  (link to OSF page)

Cole, S. N & Kvavilashvili, L. (2021) . Spontaneous and deliberate future thinking: a dual process account. Psychological Research. Psychological Research, 85(2), 464-479. doi:

Cole, S. N., Duffy, J. (2020). Functions of involuntary and voluntary future thinking: Evidence from subjective ratings. Psychological Research, 851583–1601. doi:

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Non-scientific Publications

Cole, S. N. (2013). Imagining our future…and changing it. The Psychologist, 26 (11), 840-841.

Cole, S. N. (2012). The Joy of RECs (Research Ethics Committees): The life-cycle of a National Health Service ethics application. Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group Quarterly (British Psychological Society), 82, 26-29.