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Under Review

Öner, S., Watson, L. A., Adıgüzel, Z., Ergen, I., Bilgin, E., Curci, A, Cole, S. N., de la Mata, M. L., Janssen, S. M. J., Lanciano, T, Markostamou, I, Nourkova, V., Santamaría, A., Taylor, A, Barzykowski, K., Bascón, C., Bermeitinger, C., Cubero-Pérez, R., Dessenberger, S., Garry, M., Gülgöz S., Hackländer, R., Heux. L., Jin Z., Lojo, M., Matías-García, J. A., Roediger, H, Szpunar, K. K., Tekin, E., Under, O. (Accepted for publication). Collective remembering and forecasting during the COVID-19 pandemic: How the impact of COVID-19 affected the themes and phenomenology of global and national memories across 15 countries. Memory & Cognition.  Preprint:

Cole, S.N., Markostamou, I., Watson, L. A., Barzykowski, K., Ergen, I., Taylor, A. & Öner, S. (under review). Spontaneous past and future thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic across 14 countries: Effects of individual and country-level COVID-19 impact indicators.

McClure, HC., & Cole, S. N. (under review). In and out of control : Spontaneous mental contrasting is only effective for personal goals unrelated to COVID-19.

In Press

Cole, S.N., Tubbs, P.M.C. (2021) Predictors of obsessive–compulsive symptomology: mind wandering about the past and future. Psychological Research. Advance online publication.

Cole, S. N, Smith, D. M., Ragan, K, Suurmond, R. & Armitage, C. J. (2021). Synthesizing Effects of Mental Simulation on Behavior Change: Systematic Review and Multilevel Meta-Analysis. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 281514–1537, doi :  (link to OSF page)


Cole, S. N., Duffy, J. (2020). Functions of involuntary and voluntary future thinking: Evidence from subjective ratings. Psychological Research, 851583–1601. doi:

Cole, S. N & Kvavilashvili, L. (2021) . Spontaneous and deliberate future thinking: a dual process account. Psychological Research. Psychological Research, 85(2), 464-479. doi:

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Cole, S. N., Staugaard, S., & Berntsen, D. (2016). Inducing Involuntary and Voluntary Mental Time Travel using a laboratory paradigm. Memory and Cognition, 44, 376-389. doi: 10.3758/s13421-015-0564-9

Cole, S. N., Morrison, C., Barak, O., Pauly-Takacs, K., & Conway, M. A. (2016). Amnesia and Future Thinking: Exploring the Role of Memory in the Quantity and Quality of Episodic Future Thoughts. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 55, 206-224. doi:  10.1111/bjc.12094

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Cole, S. N., Gill, N., Conway, M. A., & Morrison, C. M. (2012). Mental Time Travel: Effects of Trial Duration on Episodic and Semantic Content. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65, 2288-2296. doi: 10.1080/17470218.2012.758157

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Non-scientific Publications

Cole, S. N. (2013). Imagining our future…and changing it. The Psychologist, 26 (11), 840-841.

Cole, S. N. (2012). The Joy of RECs (Research Ethics Committees): The life-cycle of a National Health Service ethics application. Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group Quarterly (British Psychological Society), 82, 26-29.