An Experimental Psychology Society-funded project on the electrophysiological correlates of involuntary and voluntary memories.

An Experimental Psychology Society-funded Project on Involuntary Future Projections (Small Grant Award, £2250).

The role of the pulvinar in emotional processing of simulated scenes. A collaborative project with Prof. Oliver Turnbull and Prof. Bob Rafal at Bangor University, Dr. Karl Szpunar at University of Illinois, Dr. Roland Benoit at the Max Plank Institute and Prof. Daniel Schacter of Harvard University.

A large-scale systematic review of mental simulation. A collaboration with Dr. Debbie Smith and Prof. Chris Armitage at University of Manchester.

An EEG investigation of memory. A collaboration with Shana Hall at Duke University and Dr. Holger Wiese at Durham University, UK.

The temporal dimensions of dreams. Collaboration with dream expert Dr. Caroline Horton at DrEAMSLAB based at Lincoln, UK. Funded by Dream Science Foundation