Helgi Clayton-McClure started his PhD at York St John University in September 2018.

His PhD is examining the link between goals and spontaneous future cognition.

Email: h.mcclure@yorksj.ac.uk

Twitter: @HelgiYSJ

Lewis McQueen started his PhD as an NHS

Clinical Research Fellow in 2021, looking into

Dementia Carers.  He completes his PhD alongside

his clinical work with people with dementia.

Email: lewis.mcqueen@yorksj.ac.uk

Jessica Duffy started her Psychology MRes

in September 2018 and examined types of

future simulations and temporal discounting She

then started a PhD in 2022 looking at Anxiety and


Email: jess.duffy@yorksj.ac.uk

Peter Tubbs started his Doctorate in

Counselling Psychology in 2018 and completed

in 2021.

His research project centred on

the link between OCD symptomology and

spontaneous thoughts (Cole & Tubbs, 2021).

Email: peter.tubbs@yorksj.ac.uk

Frances Atkin started her Psychology MRes in

September 2018 and is examining the social aspects

of episodic future thinking.

Email: frances.atkin@yorksj.ac.uk